Close your eyes and allow the steam to embrace you. Let your body soak in the natural mineral-rich waters of Gold Fork Hot Springs.

When you open your eyes all you see is beauty; mountains, pine trees and pure wilderness. Experience peak relaxation in six rock formed hot springs pools as the sensation of natural alkaline water takes over.

The sun goes down and the moon rises as the steam thickens and radiates an amber cast from the tiki torches that now light the entire area. The glow of the moon, stars and tiki torches make for a magical evening in the enchanting foothills of the North Fork Range. Let the water treat you and the hydrotherapy jets rejuvenate.

This unique hot springs nestled just outside of Donnelly Idaho, requires no reservations, meaning the magic doesn’t have a timeline. They are open on all holidays and every season, just not on Tuesdays.

For extra relaxation bring your own wine to sip on or a cold beer, just remember no glass containers. This extraordinary experience comes at a very low cost and easy travel during your McCall vacation.

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Things to know:

  • Closed Tuesdays
  • Towels and swimming suits are available for rent
  • Credit/debit cards ARE NOT accepted
  • Check the parks website for available activities and any size/age restrictions
  • Bring your own alcohol
  • Night time soaking