When you think of Twin Falls recreation your first thought is of the Perrine Bridge, and rightfully so. Known around the world by base jumpers, this 1500-foot long bridge is the only structure in the U.S. you can jump off year round without a permit. On my recent travels to Twin Falls I met a base jumper who decided to move to Idaho from Southern California with his wife and son. When I asked him why they moved, it wasn’t a complicated answer, “For the bridge.” If you yourself want to take the 486 foot plunge, Tandem Base in Twin Falls will give you a lift, though watching the jumpers is the most common way to enjoy base jumping.

With all the attention the bridge gets, all the other more family friendly activities can get overlooked. Take for example what’s below the bridge, the Snake River. On warm Summer days you can find people of all ages swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, and boating right below the bridge as the occasional parachute opens above. Centennial Waterfront Park is your gateway to the Snake River, here you can begin a hike along the canyon wall, rent a paddle board, or book a day fishing trip. Right along the river are a plethora of great mountain biking trails with beautiful scenery and challenging terrain. Two golf courses are located on the canyon floor as well, creating two unique 18-hole experiences.

Box Canyon just outside town is a great day trip for friends and family. Take a fun hike down into the canyon, pass waterfalls and through trails of brush and trees. At the end of the trail, there is a beautiful blue lake to swim in and cool off on a hot summer day. This is a great hike for all ages; on our journey we had a 4-year-old take the hike with us. Just make sure you keep an eye out for poison ivy at it has been known to grow in this canyon.

Stop by Miracle Hot Springs in Thousand Springs State Park. A 40-minute drive from Twin Falls is well worth it for a soak in some of the best water on earth and a beautiful campground to boot! The kids will love swimming in the warm pool or playing in the surrounding area while you relax with amenities such as private pools and massage services. Camp at one of the may campgrounds, and enjoying kayaking or fishing in one of the many lakes in the area.

About twenty minutes outside of Twin, the Snake River has carved out one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in North America. Sometimes referred to as the “Niagara of the West,” Shoshone Falls is 212 feet high, 45 feet higher than it’s counter part back East. Shoshone Falls Park offers a variety of activities such as playgrounds, hikes, viewing spots and large green fields with picnic tables to have lunch at. Just remember to bring a poncho as the mist generated by the crashing water can reach quite far during peak season.

Whatever your cup of tea, however extreme or relaxed you are looking to get, the Magic Valley can offer something. With activities as little as 90 minutes from Boise and closer to Twin Falls, this area offers escape without getting too far away from the comforts of civilization.

Centennial Waterfront Park. View of the Perrine Bridge.
SUP yoga on the Snake River.
Hitting the trails along the Snake River.
Family mountain biking in the Snake River Canyon.
Part of the hike through Box Canyon.
Box Canyon Lake.
The main view deck at Shoshone Falls.
A family takes a break from biking the canyon rim.
Miracle Hot Springs.
People hiking under the Perrine Coulee Falls.