Upon entry to the charreada, a specific type of Mexican rodeo, I was adorned with a long rope necklace attached to a shot glass.  Before I could say buenos dias the glass was filled with tequila and a cowboy hat was placed on my head.  The Charros strolled about the stone courtyard greeting people and tending to their horses.  Charros are traditional horseman with a long line of family history.  Every time I turned around that night there was a bottle of tequila filling the shot glass attached to my neck- thank God for autofocus!  The next day I was treated to a visit to the families home for a deeper look into this culture.

Mexican Charro holding hand made saddle.
Mexican Charro riding horse at the charreada.
Mexican charro belt buckle and chaps.
Mexican Charro holding hat in charreada arena.
Olga a Mexican horsewoman with family sign.
Mexican Charro Ricardo enjoying a smoke.
Mexican Charro Ricardo riding out of charreada arena.

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