Visit Idaho: Gold Fork Hot Springs

February 7, 2018By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

Close your eyes and allow the steam to embrace you. Let your body soak in the natural mineral-rich waters of Gold Fork Hot Springs. When you open your eyes all you see is beauty; mountains, pine trees and pure wilderness. Experience peak relaxation in six rock formed hot springs pools as the sensation of natural … Read More

The Faces of IOGA

January 19, 2017By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

Guiding expeditions through Idaho’s adventurous terrain is not a task for the meek of heart, a point which the members of the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association have proven time and again over the last 60+ years. In exploring the state’s diverse regions, the Chad Case Photo & Video team has had the privilege of … Read More

New Lightroom Workshop with Chad Case & Craftsy!

March 22, 2016By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho, Travel

Chad travelled to Denver this year to produce a new workshop with Craftsy!  From the amateur to the professional, presets can help minimize your time editing and maximize your workflow.   Check out the trailer.  And enter here for a chance to win the class for free. Learn Lightroom from the Dude here.    

Mike Rogers Precious Metal Arts

September 2, 2014By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

In the hub of downtown Boise Idaho, on the corner of 8th and Bannock, is the quaint jewelry shop Precious Metal Arts. If you walk by and look in you might see a man with his dog, hard at work on a piece of fine jewelry, or in pleasant conversation with one of the shops … Read More

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon Video

March 6, 2013By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho, Travel

Summer will be here soon and Idaho’s whitewater rivers will cleanse the soul.  This 2 minute video is from a trip last year with ROW Adventures.  Six days on the river relaxing, exhilarating and rejuvenating!  Photos and video by Chad Case, editing by John Webster. CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Happy First Day of Summer!

June 21, 2011By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

Finally, on the first official day of summer we have some HEAT!  Tomorrow it’s suppose to be 95 degrees and I don’t want to hear any complaining.  Below are some Roaring Springs billboards around town with my photography on them.  If you go I recommend the Pipeline Mines.  Going from broad daylight to pitch black … Read More

Blue Moon Yurt McCall, Idaho

February 22, 2011By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho, Travel

With daylight fading our group met in the snowpack parking lot at the Ponderosa State Park.  We deployed our methods of transport and then start to the putting on of our skis or snowshoes.  That’s about the time our wonderful host and chef Lisa glided in on skis, welcomed us with a jolly red cheek, … Read More