The Photobooth

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I setup a camera on a tripod and handed over the power of the shutter release to those who would be in front of the lens. It is amazing what people do when they become their own photographer.

Mexican Charros in Guadalajara

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Upon entry to the charreada, a specific type of Mexican rodeo, I was adorned with a long rope necklace attached to a shot glass.  Before I could say buenos dias the glass was filled with tequila and a cowboy hat was placed on my head.  The Charros strolled about the stone courtyard greeting people and … Read More

Kevin Kirk & ONOMATOPOEIA in 3-D

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I photographed Kevin Kirk, Tom Tomkins, Mike Seifrit, Jon Hyneman, Greg Perkins and Phil Garonzik for the ONOMATOPOEIA 3-D concert last year.  These guys were a hoot!  We had the Egyptian Theater for one hour to get the photos done and it was a bit of a mad dash but we pulled it off.  The … Read More


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Okay sub zero temperatures and not enough snow!  Anyone know how to do a snow dance?  I tried wearing shorts and flip flops yesterday in protest of the lack of precipitation and well…. as you can see today it didn’t work out too well for me.  I decide to post this photo of a snow … Read More

Miss Latina 2009 Dominican Republic

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So there I was, surrounded by beautiful women with two cameras strapped around my neck.  What’s a photographer to do….. get to work.  This seemingly dandy of an assignment turned turned south when nasty weather came in from the north.  They don’t call it the rainy season for nothing.  Rain seven days out of eight … Read More