Owyhee Day 1: Water and Weather

May 31, 2016By JonAll Blog Posts, Travel

Chad and I had the recent and rare opportunity to document a five-day guided tour down the Owyhee River. Unfortunately we didn’t have wi-fi on the river, so we couldn’t post live updates, but we did get tons of cool photo and video material to share with you guys! Check back at the blog over the … Read More

Hiking the GR20 on the Island of Corsica

April 6, 2016By JonAll Blog Posts, Travel

Every year thousands of people backpack through the visually stunning landscapes of Europe.  Some consider backpacking Europe as sitting on a train with a backpack in the seat next to them, traveling between the major cities.  But for the true and the brave, backpacking is traversing mountain passes in order to see beautiful pockets of … Read More

New Lightroom Workshop with Chad Case & Craftsy!

March 22, 2016By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho, Travel

Chad travelled to Denver this year to produce a new workshop with Craftsy!  From the amateur to the professional, presets can help minimize your time editing and maximize your workflow.   Check out the trailer.  And enter here for a chance to win the class for free. Learn Lightroom from the Dude here.    

Waterscapes of Iceland

September 30, 2014By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Travel

This is a collections of waterscapes (ocean, lake, waterfall and river) from Iceland.  I have listed info about taking the photo and my settings below.     Selandjafoss Iceland. Beautiful afternoon and wet hike behind the falls. When traveling to Iceland take plenty of lens rags! SETTINGS 1/8 sec at F22 10.5 Nikon Fisheye distortion … Read More

SATW Iceland Photo Shootout Award Winners

September 25, 2014By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Travel

Had a blast on the Photo Shootout in Iceland and a huge thanks to Iceland Travel and #SATWIceland for handling the many details.  I feel privileged to have received 5 individual awards in the shootout that so many great photographers and friends took part in.  I will be posting more photos from the magical Iceland in … Read More

Mike Rogers Precious Metal Arts

September 2, 2014By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

In the hub of downtown Boise Idaho, on the corner of 8th and Bannock, is the quaint jewelry shop Precious Metal Arts. If you walk by and look in you might see a man with his dog, hard at work on a piece of fine jewelry, or in pleasant conversation with one of the shops … Read More

Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon Video

March 6, 2013By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho, Travel

Summer will be here soon and Idaho’s whitewater rivers will cleanse the soul.  This 2 minute video is from a trip last year with ROW Adventures.  Six days on the river relaxing, exhilarating and rejuvenating!  Photos and video by Chad Case, editing by John Webster. CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO