Visit Idaho: Gold Fork Hot Springs

February 7, 2018By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

Close your eyes and allow the steam to embrace you. Let your body soak in the natural mineral-rich waters of Gold Fork Hot Springs. When you open your eyes all you see is beauty; mountains, pine trees and pure wilderness. Experience peak relaxation in six rock formed hot springs pools as the sensation of natural … Read More

Eco Camp Patagonia – The Final Trek

January 12, 2018By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Travel

If Torres Del Paine reminds me of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, then the Towers are the watchful eye over in Mordor. Everyday you wake up and there they are, watching over you. Wherever you go, you know right where they are. They take on a human like quality the more time you … Read More

Eco Camp Patagonia – Day 3

December 26, 2017By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Travel

Why are people scared of spiders? They are tiny, even the biggest spiders on earth are no bigger than your foot, which you can use to crush any spider you encounter. They are skittish in nature. When you walk up on one it doesn’t come at you like a bear, it runs away. If a … Read More

Eco Camp Patagonia – Day 2

December 15, 2017By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Travel

Winds over Grey Lake Say Torres Del Paine out loud. I’m being serious; say it out loud at your work desk right now. Doesn’t it sound exotic, adventurous, like a place of pure awesomeness? Trust me it does, it’s why your co-workers are looking at you right now. Now say Grey Lake. Man that sounds … Read More

Eco Camp Patagonia – Day 1

December 4, 2017By JonAll Blog Posts, Travel

In Patagonia, summer comes in January. As we arrived there in November, we naively assumed we would be experiencing Chile’s spring. We didn’t know however that Patagonia has a fifth season, which occurs between spring and summer: “The windy season”. With high winds up to 120 kilometers per hour (strong enough to overturn buses), Patagonia’s … Read More

From Boise to Patagonia in 66 hours

November 17, 2017By JonAll Blog Posts, Travel

Sometimes travel sucks. It’s absolutely a first world problem but I think we can still admit it’s not always glamorous. Flying is usually the main culprit of awful travel. Sitting crammed into tiny seats for hours on end, busy airports, and TSA can make getting to your destination a headache. I’ve traveled more than the … Read More

On the Set: Pando

November 17, 2017By JonAll Blog Posts, On the Set

Roots Family History is a longtime Boise company that has always been about preserving, well, family history. Usually that means restoring old photos, digitizing those old home VHS tapes, or selling conservation frames, but now they are expanding their brand and breaking into a whole new facet of the family history industry —  gaming. When … Read More

The Faces of IOGA

January 19, 2017By chadcaseAll Blog Posts, Idaho

Guiding expeditions through Idaho’s adventurous terrain is not a task for the meek of heart, a point which the members of the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association have proven time and again over the last 60+ years. In exploring the state’s diverse regions, the Chad Case Photo & Video team has had the privilege of … Read More